The ADC is a new creative hub specifically targeted at adults wanting to challenge themselves, learn a skill and make new friends. Every season The ADC holds masterclasses giving you an All Access Pass to some of the industry's top people. From heads of commissioning to BAFTA nominees to British Comedy Award winners, The ADC is combatting what is often described as an 'impenetrable' industry by opening the doors for you.


The ADC stands for The Academy of Dramatic Change, we're all about people pushing themselves to reach new limits, getting out of their comfort zones and stretching for the stars.


Welcome to the All Access Pass to your creativity. 

Let The ADC open doors for you.

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Who we've worked with


'How to Get a TV Commission Masterclass' with ITV's Saskia Schuster


In proud partnership with The Actor's Hub.

With over 30,000 loyal followers, The Actors Pad is the UK's fastest growing hub for professional performers looking to advance their careers, with access to vital tips and techniques, a community blog where you can have your say, as well as incredible money saving perks on actors essentials like Headshots, Showreels, Voice Demos, Coaching, Health and Fitness, Accounting, plus amazing discounts on Cinema, Gyms, Retail, Technology, Travel, and even Theatre Tickets.



"Learning improv and comedy techniques is life-changing. No word of a lie. It helps you build confidence and find a sense of wonder that you’ve not had since you were a kid. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded and non-like minded people - explore friendships and yourself. Oh, and it’s a right laugh." Hana, previous student

"These sessions were so inspiring and they make you want to improve your craft event more!! Time was taken to break down the basics of comedy, improvisation and performance, and also walk through the more technical aspects of script writing, creating dialogue. as well as putting together treatments.  

The classes are really fun and engaging! I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and I came away from each class having learned something new!" Iyabo, previous student

"I went along to a Masterclass and it was so interesting, I got really excellent access to the industry and I met some really great people at the same time. It was also so low-cost. I can't wait for my next one!' 

Charlotte, previous Masterclass attendee.