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Spring Season 2019

'How to' Masterclasses @ The ADC

How To Get a Million Views Online

 30th MAY 2019

19:00 - 21:00



The ADC is delighted to welcome the hilarious, talented and business-savvy Influencer, Jahannah James through its doors to run this exclusive Masterclass.

Jahannah has cemented her name in online comedy as the Queen of the Viral Hit, but it’s not just the millions upon millions of views that she can boast, she is a businesswoman extraordinaire and is extremely savvy at making a tidy profit from her online work. 


Jahannah has worked her way up from filming short sketches on her phone to having her own radio show, interviewing the likes of Ruby Rose, Viola Davies and Tom Holland and working on the BBC and she will be sharing her knowledge on how that was all possible. 


With millions of followers and more views than we can even dare count, Jahannah is going to let you in on how she made it all happen and how you too could follow in her footsteps and become the newest star and how you could do it too.

In the first of the ADC's specialist masterclass we are delighted to welcome in the hugely successful influencer, Jahannah James (over 1 million followers and millions upon millions of views), Jahannah will be speaking about:

- How to create successful, funny sketches that get a mass following 

- How to get your first million views

- How to make money from being an online star

- How to write fast, funny sketches 

- And how to film and edit these sketches

- An in-depth look at how to get people watching your content

- Who to work with to bring your vision to life

- And much more

Plus a Q&A where you can fire all your burning influencer questions at Jahannah.

How To Have A Successful Edinburgh Festival Fringe

3rd JUNE 2019

19:00 - 21:00


The prodigious David William Bryan has quickly become the go-to man for sell-out solo shows. Since his first Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut at the Underbelly in 2017 he has risen to achieve non-stop sell-out solo shows all over the globe... and all without an agent. The ADC is delighted to welcome David to host a powerful two hour Masterclass on ‘How to have a successful Edinburgh Festival Fringe’, and boy, is this the man who can tell you. 

A rough estimate shows David has sold thousands of tickets and every single Edinburgh Fringe he has to add extra dates in bigger venues for crowds all eagerly attempting to get a coveted ticket. David William Bryan is in hot demand and has taken his solo shows on a UK-wide tour and as far as Dubai, with more dates and venues added by the week.

If this is your debut Fringe, if you are a Fringe veteran or if you are even considering one day taking a show to the Fringe, or creating a solo show then this ADC Masterclass is absolutely not to be missed. 


David will be covering:

- How to stand out from the crowd in Edinburgh


- How to ensure people come to your show


- Ways to keep sane at the Edinburgh Fringe!


- What to do if numbers are low


- How to sell your show 


- What the right venue is for you


- How to get a tour once you've finished the Edinburgh Fringe


And much, much more!

We anticipate tickets for this masterclass will sell-out fast so please do not hesitate to book.

Photo credit Holly Wren

How to Get the Perfect Agent

11th JUNE 2019 

19:00 - 21:00



The ADC have secured the brilliant Ellie Cahill-Nicholls to host this information-packed, exclusive Masterclass. Ellie worked as a top comedy agent at Avalon and is now a Talent Agent at Noel Gay which is a long established leader in it's field representing an eclectic mix of create talent across the entertainment industry. In this exclusive Masterclass Ellie will reveal all to let you know not just how to get an agent but how to get the right agent for you. Ellie will speak about how to approach agents, how to craft the perfect cover letter and who the perfect agent is for you. 

If you are brand new to the industry, have an agent but are finding it hard to find new representation or want some insider info on where to begin – this is the Masterclass for you. 


Ellie has worked within the talent business for over 10 years now and she will share with you everything she has learnt and all the do’s and dont’s of approaching an agent. This Masterclass will no doubt put the power back in your hands and you will leave feeling inspired and ready to make it happen for yourself. 


If you’ve been struggling to get an agent or unhappy with the representation you have then this is the Masterclass for you. Learn the tips and tricks to securing the best agent and making your own work whilst you’re waiting. 


Ellie will be covering: 


-       How to find the perfect agent 

-       How to approach agents

-       What to do whilst you’re waiting for the perfect agent

-       How to be seen

-       How to know what your casting is

-       How to craft the perfect cover letter

-       Is a showreel necessary? 

Plus much, much more! This Masterclass will end with a Q&A so please bring along any questions you’d like answered! 

How to Get a TV Commission

26th JUNE 2019 

19:00 -21:00 


We are honoured to welcome the brilliant Saskia Schuster, Controller for Comedy at ITV, commissioning hour long comedy dramas, half hour scripted comedy, and comedy entertainment formats.  


Commissions for ITV include Glass Houses, Bad Move, The Keith and Paddy Picture Show, Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule, Birds Of A Feather, Benidorm, Through The Keyhole, The Imitation Game, Play To The Whistle, The Delivery Man, Vicious and for ITV2 Timewasters, Action Team, Plebs, Celebrity Juice, The Stand Up Sketch Show, Don't Hate The Playaz, Coming In America, CelebAbility, The Job Lot, @elevenish, Glitchy and also Football Genius for ITV4.


Saskia is also founder of Comedy 50:50 - an initiative to address gender imbalance in comedy. You can read more about this brilliant initiative here.

Saskia will be covering:

- How to get your idea into the hands of the right people

- What commissioners of comedy on television are looking for

- How to make yourself stand out from the crowd

- What ideas for TV comedy shine more than others

- What to do if you’re just getting started in the industry or feel are being overlooked

- How to make your own work

-ADDED BONUS attendees will also learn how to story arc and how to write a treatment and will all leave with a workable template treatment for their idea

And much, much more!

We anticipate tickets for this masterclass will sell-out fast so please do not hesitate to book.

How to Be a Battle Rapper

11th JULY 2019

19:00 - 21:00


The ADC are very excited to welcome in the Walking Rhyming Dictionary (as we have now dubbed him) Shuffle-T to teach you how to Battle Rap! Adam is a comedy and lyrical star he currently has over 35 battles catalogued.


Adam is also bringing out his first book and he will be talking about how to make your name in the world of Battle Rap, rhyming schemes and you’ll even leave with your own named rhyme!


Their self-consciously awful "bad bars" battle against each other for the all-conquering UK league Don't Flop ("I'm so sick, I need to take a week off / you're not sick – you only fake a wee cough") has chalked up 564K Youtube views and was a fixture in bloggers' 2013 battle top tens the world over, with the likes of Rizzle Kicks and Drake as celebrity fans and Compliment Rap Battle has a mighty 931K views.


In a world where you’re doing yourself a disservice not to be able to roast we suggest you hot step over to this Masterclass and let an expert teach you how it’s done.


If you want to try something different or are invested in a career in Battle Rap then this materclass is for you.


Shuffle-T will be covering:


-      How to rhyme with a simply learnt rhyming scheme

-      How to get into Battle Rap

-      The best way to find your unique style

-      Create your own Battle Rap

-      Learn to work topically through the news on rhymes

-      How to keep your cool under pressure in a Battle Rap 

-      How to learn lines and rhymes

AnAnd much, much more! Exclusive Q&A and receive your own named rhyme from Shuffle-T!

Photo credit NME